Frequently Asked Questions

English Builder


Installation and login

1. How can I get the English Builder User Manual & Installation Guide?
2. What is the system requirement of English Builder?
3. How can I download the necessary software?
4. What should I do if I forget my password?
5. How to make a Good Nickname for my Account?

Questions during Lessons

6. I can't start my lesson after pressing the Start Lesson button. What should I do?
7. I can't start my lesson, and it shown "Session Timeout". What should I do?
8. I can't do the Speaking exercise. What should I do?

About submission

9. I have submitted my lesson, but the system has no record. What should I do?
10. Can I do my lesson out of the scheduled date?
11. Can I re-do my submitted lessons or part of exercises?
12. How can I revise the lessons after submission?

Score and answers

13. Can I review the answers of pre-assessment?
14. I answered all questions correctly. Why can't I get the full score?
15. How is the score calculated?
16. Some students are copying answers online. How do we avoid it?
17. Why do we show the answers?


18. How often will the Rankings be updated?